Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weird and Crazy Company Names of Stocks

It is amazing that there are several publicly traded companies that have strange names. We first reported about the stock called Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp Inc. (CRZY.PK) back in 2007. Crazy Woman is a bank holding company for Buffalo Federal Savings Bank, which serves the Johnson, Campbell, and Sheridan counties in Wyoming. The stock has a P/E of 23. Earnings for the latest quarter were up 69%.

There is also Crazy Horse Resources (CZH.V) which trades on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Speaking of horses, there is also Bucking Horse Energy (BUKHF.PK) and Gold Horse International (GHII.OB). And although unicorns are not exactly horses, they look pretty similar. So we have Unicorn Org. (UNICORN.BO) which trades on the Bombay Stock Exchange and Unicorn AIM VCT plc (UAVX.L), traded in London, which is a United Kingdom-based investment management company.

As for other animals, I turned up a company with the unusual name of Foley Dog Show Organ (FLDG.PK), and all I could find out about it, besides the fact that it trades on the Pink Sheets, is that it is or was a popular dogs publication company.

For other dog stocks (no pun intended), there are Blackdog Resources (DOG.V) and Bull Dog Sauce Company (BGDSF.PK).

Some stocks that may be the cat's meow include Mad Catz Interactive Inc. (MCZ), which makes accessories for videogame platforms, personal computers, and iPods, Big Cat Energy Corporation (BCTE.OB), which has technology which allows coal bed methane operators to re-inject water produced from productive coal seams, and Storm Cat Energy Corp. (SCUEF.PK).

Let's round out the animals with Cockatoo Coal (CKATF.PK), Cockatoo Ridge Wines (CKTOF.PK), Snake Eyes Golf Clubs Inc (SNKEQ.PK), and finally Coda Octopus Group, Inc. (CDOC.PK), a company which markets underwater technologies and equipment for imaging, mapping, and defense and survey applications.

A stock called Love & Play (56N.F) last traded for 0.002 euros on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. They operate something called 'Coffee and Stay' shops and erotic products.

Finally, we will end this on a small note with a bank called the little bank (LTLB.OB). That's right, the way you see it written is the way it actually is, in all lower case letters, in 'e.e.cummings Style'. The stock has a PE ratio of 29 and pays a yield of 1.4%. Earnings were up 14% for the latest quarter.

If you know of any other weird names of stocks, please post.

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