Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Day in Financial History: April 23

This Day in Financial History: April 23

April 23, 1985 - Coca-Cola changed its formula and released New Coke. The extreme negative response caused the company to bring its original formula back on the market in less than 90 days.

April 23, 2007 - Paul Erdman, Canadian-American economist and author passed away. He was the author of numerous best selling financial books including The Billion Dollar Sure Thing and The Silver Bears.

Facebook Stock News Summary

Facebook (FB) just announced earnings this afternoon. Here is the summary in case you missed it:

Revenues increased substantially,, beating estimates
Earnings nearly tripled
82% increase in advertising revenue
Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman is leaving
Daily mobile users were 609 million, up 43 percent

Facebook stock is currently up about 1% in the aftermarket.

In Case you Missed the News on Apple

Apple (AAPL) just reported earnings today. Here is the quick summary:

7 for 1 stock split
Earnings beat estimates
Revenues beat estimates
Dividend increase
Increase in stock buyback
Rumors that the stock may be added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average

The stock is currently up 6.35% in the after-market.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Penny Stocks on the New York Stock Exchange

The Securities and Exchange Commission defines penny stocks as stocks that trade for less than $5 per share. It may seem hard to believe but there are a large number of stocks on the NYSE that trade at that level. As a matter of fact, there are almost two dozen that trade for less than $2 a share, and several of them are even generating earnings.

Here is the list of New York Stock Exchange stocks trading for less than $2 a share. The following shows the name of the company, the stock symbol, the current price, and the P/E ratio, if applicable.

Acorn International, Inc. ATV  1.54
Bluelinx Holdings Inc. BXC  1.37
IFM Investments Limited CTC  1.22
Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc. DDE  1.44
Cal Dive International Inc DVR  1.56
Equus Total Return, Inc. EQS  1.99  66
Forest Oil Corp. FST  1.95  3
Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd. GNK  1.70
Agria Corporation GRO  1.45
General Steel Holdings, Inc. GSI  1.14
Hyperdynamics Corporation HDY  1.60
Homex Development Corp. HXM  1.47
Mechel OAO MTL  1.89
Maxcom Telecomunicaciones S.A.B. de C.V. MXT  1.73
Oi SA OIBR  1.22  3
Oxford Resource Partners, L.P. OXF  1.32
Quantum Corporation QTM  1.14
Rio Alto Mining Limited RIOM  1.99  12
RadioShack Corp. RSH  1.34
STR Holdings, Inc. STRI  1.50
Box Ships Inc. TEU  1.75  5
China Xiniya Fashion Limited XNY  1.08  4
Zuoan Fashion Limited ZA  1.70  1

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