Friday, July 10, 2009

The Latest Advanced Fee Fraud Scam Email Now Involves Madoff

I receive scam emails every day, but this is the first one I've seen involving Bernie Madoff, actually his wife. Here it is exactly as written except with the sender's name removed.

Good day,

Contact Mr. xxxx Directly via His Email Below.

I am xxxx, I represent a top company executive in the United States,Ruth
Madoff wife of Bernard Madoff the disgraced money manager and CEO of Madoff
involved in a USD$50 Billion Dollar scam in theUnited States, his business victims
includes major Oil Companies,Construction Companies, Banks and top figures
around the United States etc.

I have a very sensitive and private brief from this top executive wife "Ruth
Madoff" to ask for your partnership to re-profile funds over US
$25,000,000.00.You will be paid 40% of this fund for your proposed "Management
Fees", to assist her to re-profile these funds appropriately to a new
investment location if I am able to reach terms with you.

Considering whats presently going on in the family now I will give the detail
immediately i hear from you.

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