Friday, September 09, 2011

Article from the Past: Three Eggs for $100 Billion

Occasionally, we reprint timeless articles from the past. Here is one that got a huge number of views when it was first published:

I've written numerous articles about the recent outrageous inflation in Zimbabwe and the issuance of the highest denomination of banknotes in history, including the notorious $100 trillion dollar bill.

Now the site Email Forwards, which features interesting emails that have recently been forwarded around the world, has posted a list of pictures that really put the Zimbabwe inflation situation into reality.

The first picture shows a boy on his way to the market with hundreds of bills worth about one US dollar. The second shows a man with bundles of Zimbabwe bills worth about $100 US.

The third picture shows the purchase of three eggs. Price: 100 billion Zimbabwe dollars. The fourth picture shows the payment for a meal at a Zimbabwe restaurant.

Fortunately, Zimbabwe now has their inflation under control, now that the country is allowing the use of foreign currencies, including the US dollar, for commerce. And the countries former high denomination bills have now become collector's items, mementos of runaway inflation.

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