Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Chocolate Printer

How would you like to print your own chocolate? Unfortunately, it is a little too late for Easter, but not too late for chocolate lovers. Scientists from the University of Exeter in the UK have perfected a chocolate printer, a machine that would allow you to create your own chocolate candy one layer at a time. This is a type of 3D printer, an industry that is exploding. As a matter of fact, you can even print a car with a three dimensional printer.

Besides the pleasure of eating chocolate, many eat it for the health benefits, such as reducing wrinkles. Warren Buffett likes chocolate companies. His company, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) (BRK-B), owns See's Candies.

If you want to take a bite out of chocolate stocks, WallStreetNewsNetwork.com has a free list of about a dozen chocolate and candy stocks that may be worth feasting on. Most of these stocks pay dividends. Here are a few tasty morsels that may satisfy your portfolio.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF), based in Durango, Colorado, makes and markets caramels, creams, mints, and truffles. The company, founded in 1981, has over 300 franchise locations in 40 states, plus Canada and the United Arab Emirates. The stock trades at 15.6 times forward earnings, and the company pays a mouth-watering yield of 4.3%. For the latest reported quarter, total revenues increased 4.6 percent, however, earnings dropped by 17%, mostly due to increased operating costs related to the Company's Aspen Leaf Yogurt division, an increase in uncollectable accounts reserves, and a drop in the franchise fees.

Hershey (HSY) is the classic name in chocolate, that was founded in 1894. It is the largest manufacturer of chocolate in North America and one of the largest chocolate and candy companies in the world. It is famous for its Hershey's Kisses which were invented in 1901 and the chocolate chips that were brought out in 1928. The stock has forward price to earnings ratio of 21.9, with a scrumptious yield of 2.5%.

Another chocolate company is Nestle (NSRGY.PK), which sports a forward P/E of 18.7. This Swiss chocolate manufacturer was founded in 1867.

If you want to see a free list of all the publicly traded chocolate and candy stocks, go to WallStreetNewsNetwork.com. The list, which includes several companies that pay dividends, can be downloaded, updated, and sorted.

Disclosure: Author did not own any of the above at the time the article was written.

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