Saturday, March 16, 2013

Buying Dividends Revised and Expanded Book Now on Amazon

A better alternative to buy-and-hold for income investors and a way for traders to make high annualized returns, while reducing market exposure due to shorter holding periods. Buying Dividends Revised and Expanded: High Returns from the Dividend Capture System covers the technique of buying dividends, also known as dividend capture, in an easy-to-understand format. This updated edition includes six new chapters including Selling Before the Ex Dividend Date, Special Dividends, Shorting the Stock through the Ex Date, and chapters on using puts and calls with the technique.

The book was just released last month and is now available on Amazon.

The softcover book is also currently available from the printer at a 20% discount for a limited amount of time at


"Short and compact book contains mostly condensed and well selected information that is useful for investors. IMO you should read this book if you are interested in dividend capture."
Seductive Dividend Stocks ~ SeekingAlpha

"Describes an alternative to the buy and hold approach for income investors: reducing your market exposure with the 'buying dividend' (aka 'dividend capture') method, providing step-by-step instructions along with several real life examples."
Mensa Bulletin Magazine

Please note: The latest edition of the book has the stock certificates and checks on the cover, not the dollar bills, which are on the older edition.

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