Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Gold Ring Scam

I had heard about the gold ring scam but never thought that it would actually be tried on me. I just returned from Paris, France had had the pleasure of the experience.

Here is what the Gold Ring Scam is. As you are walking into or out of a tourist attraction, or just walking along the sidewalk, a woman approaches you and says, "Look, there's a gold ring on the ground." She shows it to you, and the ring has 18K embossed in it. Then she says either she can't use it because its too big or she can't wear it because she doesn't wear jewelry for religious reasons. Then she hands it to you and tells you to take it. Of course, if you do, she asks for a 'finder's fee' of maybe 20 euros. By the way, in case you haven't guessed, the ring it not real gold, just plated.

You may even receive an added bonus; her boyfriend may come up behind you and pick your pocket or purse. When I first read about this scam, I couldn't believe that anyone would fall for it or even that anyone would have the gall to perpetrate it.

So on the third day in Paris, while we were walking along the sidewalk of the Left Bank of La Seine, a woman approached, and as she was passing us, I saw her swing her arm forward, then heard a clink on the ground. She then said, "Look, a gold ring!"

I just thought to myself, "Gimme a break!!!", and I just kept on walking, saying nothing. When we turned around a couple minutes later, we saw her laughing and walking with her boyfriend. So if you are in Paris, and someone says "Look at the gold ring on the ground," just keep on walking. Image courtesy of Boykung /

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