Monday, July 13, 2015

Did You Make 20% on Greek Stocks Today?

Over a week ago, on July 3 when the stock market was closed, I wrote an article called Hey Contrarians! Why Not Buy the Stocks of Greece? In that posting, I wrote about a few stocks of Greece  that a contrarian might take a chance on. Did you invest?

The first stock mentioned in the article was National Bank of Greece (NBG), a low priced speculative stock that you could have bought the next business day at 99 cents a share, based on the closing price that day. Today you could have sold the stock for 1.20 a share, however the stock traded as high as 1.35 a share today. This would have generated a 20% return for you in just one week.

Costamare Inc. (CMRE) was another stock in the write-up, which went from 18.10 a share to 18.14 a share, a slight increase. However, buyers of Safe Bulkers (SB) would have banked, as the stock went from 3.36 a share a week ago to 3.66, an increase of 8.9%. StealthGas (GASS) was the only stock that dropped.

Congratulations on those that took the risk.

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