Saturday, August 29, 2015

Financial Carnival for the End of August

A financial carnival is a group of interesting links to various articles of interest to investors and others looking for interesting items relating to personal finance, the stock market, venture capital, real estate, and money.  Here is a great list of reads I came across recently for the end of August.

Amazon launches 1-hour alcohol delivery service in the U.S.
Amazon (AMZN) now beginning to deliver beer, wine, and booze.

'Spam King' guilty of posting 27 million Facebook (FB) messages
27 Million?

Where to Get Non-Recourse Loans for Your Art, Rolexes, and Other Fine Items
Need some quick cash to invest in a startup? How about borrowing against the Picasso hanging on your wall?

Get What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security
Are you familiar with the technique of filing for Social Security and suspending it at the same time at the age of 66, then having your spouse file for spousal benefit, then both of you apply for full benefit at age 70, in order to get tens of thousands in additional Social Security benefits? I hadn't heard about it or other techniques in the book. If you are approaching retirement you better check this out. No wonder why the book has 839 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

Watch Sony's (SNE) prototype drone do a vertical takeoff
Big enough to carry 22 pounds

Passport Power Ranks
A ranking of passports by country

Most Expensive Listed Home in California Sold
Sorry you missed out on buying this one for only $47.5 million

Electric Surfboards
I'd like to be the VC that invested in this company

Passive Investing is Broken. Here's how to fix it by Tom Sosnoff

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