Thursday, September 03, 2015

Top Biotech Short Squeeze Plays

In the last few weeks, many of the biotechnology stocks have tanked along with the rest of the market, and investors may find some beaten down bargains. The interesting thing about biotech stocks is that when they move upwards, they really move fast and hard, often due to FDA approvals, takeovers, and takeover rumors.

Because of the price drop, there could be some short squeeze plays in this sector. A short squeeze takes place when the short sellers rush to cover their short positions when a stock starts to move up. For some short squeeze definitions, check out a previous short squeeze article.

Here is a list of biotech stocks with a very high short interest percentage.

Insys Therapeutics INSY 60%
Tokai Pharmaceutic. TKAI 57%
MannKind Corp MNKD 48%
Myriad Genetics MYGN 43%
OvaScience Inc OVAS 36%
VIVUS, Inc. VVUS 36%
Sarepta Therapeutics  SRPT 36%

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