Saturday, November 21, 2015

Top 9 Stocks Under $10 per Share

Investors seem to love low priced stocks, due to the fact that perceived potential gains from price movements appear to be higher than high priced stocks. After all, a ten cent rise on a one dollar stock is 10%, ten cent gain on a $10 stock is only 1%, and an increase of 10 cents on a hundred dollar stock is only one tenth of a percent.

The fact is that high priced stocks can move just as much on a percentage basis as low priced stocks. Yet investors still want the low prices.

When looking for quality low priced stocks to buy, investors generally look for several factors from a fundamental standpoint. They are:

1. The stock sells for less than $10 per share.
2. The stock has a price to earnings ratio under 20.
3. The stock has a forward P/E ratio less than 20.
4. The stock has a price to earnings growth ratio under 2.
5. The stock has no debt or low debt to equity.
6. And to top it off, the stock pays a dividend.

The following nine stocks have all these features, and deserve a closer look.

Company Ticker Market Cap P/E Price Yield
Crown Crafts, Inc. CRWS     84.90M 14.39 8.49 3.80%
Digirad Corporation DRAD  104.87M 4.91 5.40 3.40%
Evolving Systems Inc. EVOL    63.13M 16.88 5.40 8.10%
Heritage Oaks Bancorp HEOP  291.72M 18.06 8.49 2.90%
Leju Holdings Limited LEJU  781.03M 14.50 5.80 13.30%
Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. MGIC  256.79M 16.23 5.68 3.30%
MiX Telematics Limited MIXT  168.00M 11.98 5.03 3.70%
Pzena Investment Management PZN  638.03M 18.96 9.67 1.30%
Supreme Industries Inc. STS  129.91M 12.53 7.77 1.50%

What is interesting is that all these little gems have yields in excess of 1.25%. Keep in mind that the market cap on these companies is low. If you like interesting stock lists like this, check out many of the free stock lists at

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