Friday, April 01, 2016

20 Year Old Turns $20 into $20 Million Trading Stocks in 20 Days

Stock trading millionaire student after
a long day of trading
A San Diego, California based 20 year old student named William Mendax had saved up $20 from his part time student job working in the cafeteria at San Diego State University, and decided to put his money to work. He is a business major and has been doing a lot of studying of the stock market, so he decided to try his hand at trading.

After only twenty business days, he turned his $20 initial investment into an amazing $20,000,000, all from just trading stocks. He has decided to quit college and retire.

He did it by first investing in 2000 shares of a stock with the symbol FICT at a penny a share, which later jumped to $1.25 per share, generating proceeds of $2,500.

He took that money and bought 10,000 share of YWVU at 25 cents per share. When he sold out at 4.50 per share, he garnered $45,000.

With those proceeds, he invested in 30,000 shares of ABAD for $1.50, and was able to sell out at $3.30 per share which gave him slightly less than $100,000.

He took the $99,000 proceeds and bought his first higher priced shares. He paid $12 per share for 8,250 shares of VANUS. The stock rose to $18.50 per share, giving him $152,625.

At that time, he decided to go back to trading the lower priced stocks, so he used his proceeds to buy 1,526,250 shares of PERX at 10 cents per share. Fortunately for him, the stock rose to 90 cents per share. This now provided him with working capital of $1,373,625.

Finally, he bought 45,787,500 shares of IAPR at three cents per share, which shortly spiked to 44 cents per share, ending up with $20,146,500. Not to shabby for four weeks work.

Disclosure: Author didn't own any of the above stocks at the time the article was written. Please note the date of this article.

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