Monday, March 19, 2018

My Tax Lien Investment Adventure

I used to go to those “get rich quick” seminars every year or so as I wanted to see what the latest money making schemes were being foisted upon the American public, and they would give me some ideas for articles. I have a friend who was  big fan of these events and was able to drag me along every once in a while.
Usually these conferences would last for a few hours and have three different presenters, each one lasting about an hour long, and at least one real estate related. So for one of the ones I attended, the first was how to flip houses, the second was trading with stock options, and the third, make money with tax liens.
The tax liens that were referred to in this event are county government liens against real estate where the property tax is past due. When the property owner fails to pay the taxes that are due, a tax lien certificate is issued. Investors can buy the tax lien certificates through auctions and can earn outrageously high interest rates of potentially 16%, 18%, 24%, or possibly 36% on their tax liens. The property owners are required to pay the back taxes plus the interest or they can lose their property to the tax lien owner.
The states that offer tax liens are as follows:
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