Thursday, March 02, 2006

Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator

Have any of you heard of the Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator (bellweather) whereby if an original NFL (now NFC) team wins, we will have a bull (rising) market. If an original ALF (now AFC) team wins, the stock market will fall (a bear market). The indicator has been correct most of the time. Snopes has a great article on the indicator at Snopes, but as Snopes says, just because there is a correlation, doesn't mean there is a causation. Since the Pittsburgh Steelers won (an AFC team), it would mean a bad market, since they beat the Seattle Seahawks, an NFC team. But wait. The Steelers were formerly an NFC team; and wasn't Seattle originally an AFC team? Does that mean we are going to have a bull market, or a mixed up market?

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