Monday, October 30, 2006

The Jim Cramer Popularity Index

Check it out. For the first three columns, the lower the number, the better. For the last three columns, the higher the number the better. (Unfortunately, you need to scroll down to see it. I still can't figure out why Blogger is putting all the paragraph breaks in.)

Date Amazon Bus&Inv Investg Yahoo Goog uTube
2-Oct 116 17 2 5470 4280 42
9-Oct 88 13 3 5570 4280 48
16-Oct 71 12 3 5500 268 53
30-Oct 68 9 3 6340 3550 69

As you can see, the popularity of Jim Cramer's book is continuing to rise in the all books category and the Business & Investing Category. It is holding its own in the Investing books category. With regards to search engines, he's increasing in Yahoo but dropping in Google. As a matter of fact, he's bouncing all over the place with Google pages found when Jim Cramer is entered into the search. And of course in YouTube, he's skyrocketed up by more than 50%.

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