Friday, May 02, 2008

Tea with Alan Greenspan, Dinner with Forbes, Tickets to Jim Cramer's Show

Yes, you can have Tea with Alan Greenspan at the Four Seasons in DC, Dinner with one of the Forbes brothers in the Wine Cellar of Malcolm Forbes' Townhouse in Greenwich Village , or Tickets to Jim Cramer's CNBC show MAD MONEY. These are4 all available at the online charity auction to benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, the DC based international human rights advocacy group.

There are also several other interesting financial related lots including a Tour of the US Treasury by Wendy Paulson, Secretary Paulson's Wife.

The current bid on 'Tea and Subprime Sympathy with Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell at The Four Seasons in Washington, D.C.' is $13,500 (last year, he went for $45,000). Get you bid in now because the next bid level is $16,000. The top bid so far for Jim Cramer's show is $7.000, and dinner for five with Forbes is $3,250.

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