Thursday, May 08, 2008

Top Non-ADR Pink Sheet Stocks

The Pink Sheets are the arena where stocks trade that don't trade on any other exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. Many foreign stocks have American Depositary Receipts, also known as ADR's, that trade on the Pink Sheets, and the Pinks have been a haven for many penny stock scams, but there are also many solid US companies that trade there also.

There was a rumor going around that the Pink Sheets company may be considering going public through an IPO. Do you know where the name Pink Sheets came from? These over-the-counter stocks were originally listed on long pieces of pink paper, showing the name of the market maker and the current bid and ask prices.

The following stocks all have market caps over $320 million. Caution should be exercised before investing in Pink Sheet stocks including these, due to low trading volume and wide bid and ask price spreads.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (MXIM.PK) is a Sunnyvale, California based company that makes and sells analog linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits, such as data converters, interface circuits, operational amplifiers, and power supplies. The stock has a PE of 14 , and a PEG of 0.87 . The company has a yield of 3.70% .

Navistar International Corp. (NAVZ.PK) is a manufacturer of commercial trucks, school buses, and mid-range diesel engines. The stock has a PE of 16.5 , and a PEG of 3.44 .

Comverse Technology Inc. (CMVT.PK) develops and markets multimedia communication and information processing software. The stock has a PE of 32 , and a PEG of 1.38 .

Ciba Holding Inc (CSBHY.PK) manufactures specialty chemicals for plastics, coatings, paper and other They also provide water treatment products and services. The stock has a PE of 11. The company has a yield of 7.70% .

ACE Aviation Holdings, Inc. (ACEAF.PK) holds a 75% direct ownership interest in Air Canada, along with interested in various other aviation related companies. The stock has a PE of 2 .

Verint Systems Inc. (VRNT.PK) manes and markets security and business intelligence related analytic software-based solutions. The stock has a PE of 24 , and a PEG of 0.94 .

Ulticom, Inc. (ULCM.PK) makes and markets service enabling signaling software . The stock has a PE of 16.5 .

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Eric J. Fox said...

Some decent names mentioned here but check out these others: KEWL.PK, BWEL.PK, LMNR.PK and SMIC.PK.