Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guest Article: Where Gold is Headed in the Next 6 Months

Where Gold is Headed in the Next 6 Months

by Adam Hewison

We are the government, we're here to help.

I believe the only help the government gave us last week was pushing gold prices higher. During last week's massive bailout and intervention in the credit markets one of the few markets to close higher for the week was gold. This tells you a tremendous amount about how traders are thinking about the future.

These are extraordinary times we are living in, and we have to take advantage of what the markets are offering us at the moment. The fact that there was no follow-through today in the equity markets tells me that there's so many questions about this bailout that are yet to be ironed out. That in turn creates more uneasiness in the marketplace.

I still believe that stocks are in a bear market and that we can see a trade down to the 10,000 level basis the DOW. Having said that, I would be trading gold from the long side until our "Trade Triangle" Technology points to a change in trend direction. With the t echnicals all in place, and the fundamentals certainly pointing to higher gold prices, I think traders should be looking at this market from the long side. Some of our cyclic work indicates that gold could be strong until February or March of 2009.

Enjoy the video. It's short and it's available now with our compliments.

Every success trading,

Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co Creator, MarketClub.com

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