Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Below Book High Yield Plays

The book value is the amount every shareholder would receive if all the company's assets were sold off, and all the debts paid off. So if a stock sells below book value and immediately went out of business, theoretically you would be guaranteed to make money. So if you combine a below book stock with the fact that it pays a high yield, you might have a good investment. just updatd their list of Below Book High Yield Stocks, which is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that can be sorted and changed. Some examples are:

Oshkosh Corporation (OSK) selling at 32% of book, with a yield of 6.4%
Teekay Corporation (TK) selling at 34% % of book, with a yield of 8.0%
Sappi Limited (SPP) selling at 34% % of book, with a yield of 8.0%

The entire list of 25 dividend paying stocks selling below or at book can be found at

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