Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stocks Going Ex Dividend Early April

If you want to try the stock trading technique called 'Buying Dividends,' which is the technique of buying stocks before the ex dividend date and selling the stock shortly after the ex date at about the same price, yet still being entitled to the dividend, there are many stocks to choose from. This technique generally works only in bull markets.

When you buy dividends, there are many stocks in many different sectors to choose from. In order to be entitled to the dividend, you have to buy the stock before the ex-dividend date, and you can't sell the stock until after the ex date. The actual dividend may not be paid for another few weeks.

American Express Company ( AXP) Ex-dividend date: 4/1/09 Yield: 5.20%

Medtronic, Inc. ( MDT) Ex-dividend date: 4/1/09 Yield: 2.60%

Torchmark Corporation ( TMK) Ex-dividend date: 4/1/09 Yield: 2%

Weight Watchers International, Inc. ( WTW) Ex-dividend date: 4/1/09 Yield: 3.60%

IVC Invacare Corporation ( IVC) Ex-dividend date: 4/2/09 Yield: 0.30%

The Gap Inc. ( GPS) Ex-dividend date: 4/6/09 Yield: 2.70%

ABM Industries, Inc. ( ABM) Ex-dividend date: 4/7/09 Yield: 3.20%

Robbins & Myers, Inc. ( RBN) Ex-dividend date: 4/7/09 Yield: 1.10%

Roper Industries, Inc. ( ROP) Ex-dividend date: 4/7/09 Yield: 0.80%

Sasol Limited ( SSL) Ex-dividend date: 4/7/09 Yield: 1.60%

If you like dividend stocks, you should check out the high yield utility stocks and the Monthly Dividend Stocks at or For more details on dividend definitions, check out definitions of dividend dates. Don't forget to reconfirm the ex-dividend date with the company before implementing this technique.

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