Saturday, April 25, 2009

High Yield Stocks with No Debt

Although many investors think that the stock market has finally bottomed out, they are being very cautious. In order to play it safe, they are looking for stocks that are debt free. In addition, high dividends are desirable since income will be coming in while waiting for the stock to appreciate. recently came out with a list of the top yielding debt free stocks. Some of the yields are extremely high and may not be sustainable.

Here are a few of the stocks that meet the high yield and no debt criteria.

Terra Nitrogen Co (TNH) has a yield of 6.6%, with a PE of 8.6

Methode Electronics (MEI) has a yield of 5.0%

Maxim Integrated (MXIM) has a yield of 5.7%, with a PE of 28.9

Lorillard (LO) has a yield of 5.9%, with a PE of 12.2

Paychex (PAYX) has a yield of 4.5%, with a PE of 17.9

To see the entire list of debt free high yield stocks, check out


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