Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dirty Words in SEC Filings

A couple years ago, I wrote about how the F word was found in several SEC filings. Most seemed to be typos, but a couple appeared intentional. Taking another look at SEC filings, it appears that the dirty words are still continuing.

It is amazing that documents as important as filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission aren't checked thoroughly for typos. For example, the S word appeared in a 10-Q filing back in 2006 for Palm (PALM), the mobile products company. And this was an important filing, the quarterly report. The word was a typo for the word 'shift'.

More recently, the F word was used in reference to a quotation that someone made included in a 13-D filing in 2008 for American Community Properties Trust (APO), a very low cap stock which trades on the American Stock Exchange.

Just a few months ago, the S word was intentionally mentioned three times after the word 'bull' in an exhibit to an 8K filing for Hawkins Inc. (HWKN), a specialty chemical company.

There are a lot more embarrassing typos, but I will let you look for them yourself, when you have nothing better to do.


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