Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Bad Is Unemployment?

If you want to know how bad the unemployment situation is, here are the top eleven states (the last three are tied) in terms of percent unemployed, according to the governments Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Michigan 15.2
Nevada 13.2
Rhode Island 12.8
California 12.2
Oregon 12.2
South Carolina 11.5
District of Columbia 11.1
Kentucky 11.1
North Carolina 10.8
Ohio 10.8
Tennessee 10.8

And in terms of year over year increase, here are the top twelve:

Michigan 6.6
Nevada 6.2
Oregon 5.7
Alabama 5.2
West Virginia 4.8
California 4.6
Rhode Island 4.5
Kentucky 4.4
Florida 4.2
North Carolina 4.2
South Carolina 4.2
Tennessee 4.2

No matter which way you slice it, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, and California have been hit the worst.


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