Monday, February 22, 2010

NYSE Stocks Below $3 per Share

If your looking for bargain stocks but you want to limit yourself to those that trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYX), there are plenty to choose from; as a matter of fact, according to, there are over 65 stocks that are trading for less than three dollars a share.

These include such companies as the drilling and oil production services company Flotek Industries Inc. (FTK), the geothermal power company Raser Technologies, Inc. (RZ), the drugstore company Rite Aid Corp. (RAD), the commercial real estate business Grubb & Ellis Company (GBE), and the bookstore chain Borders Group, Inc. (BGP), all of which are trading for less than $2 per share. Do your homework before investing in these as most have been generating negative earnings.

If the one and two dollar per share stocks are too rich for your blood, there are six that trade for less than a dollar a share. An example is Flagstar Bancorp Inc. (FBC) which trades for less than 70 cents per share and has a market cap of about $300 million.

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