Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Stock That's Up 964% Year to Date

I can think of a few stocks that have risen substantially since the beginning of the year, but there appears to be only one stock with a market capitalization above $250 million that is up almost 1000%. Element92 Resources Corporation (ELRE.OB) is an exploration mining company specializing in uranium. The rise was probably due to the administrations change in policy on nuclear power plants.

Other high risers with over $250 million in market caps include Star Scientific, Inc. (CIGX) which is up 266% YTD, the highest amount for any NASDAQ stock. As for New York Stock Exchange traded stocks, Quiksilver Inc. (ZQK) is up 126% and Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (BEE) is up 115% from the beginning of the year.

Disclosure: A relative of the author own ZQK.

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