Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top Yielding Stocks Under $5 (and Low Debt)

Income stocks are not necessarily the blue chip stocks (is there such a thing any more?) or the higher priced stocks. There are plenty of dividend paying stocks under $10 a share and even several under $5 a share. WallStreetNewsNetwork.com turned up a list of seven low priced stocks with yields above 3.5% and low or no debt, all of which have been paying dividends regularly for the last few years.

A couple of the items on the list are closed end funds, also known as CEFs, such as Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund Inc. (CIK), which currently trades for less than 3.60 per share and yields 8.9%. It is debt free.

In terms of regular companies, Euroseas, Ltd. (ESEA) is a dry bulk shipper that transports iron ore, coal and grains. The company has a debt to capital ratio of 24% and yields 5.3%. The stock currently trades for less than 3.85 per share.

To see a sortable list of the rest of the top yielding stocks under $5 per share, including one that yields more than 10%, go to WallStreetNewsNetwork.com.

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