Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survive the Great Inflation

The book that Michael Murphy CFA wrote, Survive The Great Inflation, just came out today. If you haven't heard of Murphy, he is a Harvard graduate with honors, has 40 years experience, and his newsletter was second-best in 2009 out of almost 200 rated by the Hulbert Financial Digest, with a gain of over 148%. He does far more research than the average analyst.

(I can tell you from a personal standpoint that I invested in half a dozen of his picks a few months ago and all are up about an average of 50%, with one stock more than doubling. I would describe his specialty as solid small cap companies as medium term holding period investments.)

If you want to survive the upcoming inevitable inflation, Michael Murphy is the one to turn to. He is the one with the extensive background, the track record, and the road map for survival through his book. I highly recommend Survive The Great Inflation, which would make a great present for yourself and your friends.

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