Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Stuff for Investors

The best things in life for stock market traders and investors may actually be free. There are many items for investors, including books and magazines, which are available without charge. Here are some worth checking out.

Free iPhone Investment Applications

There are several applications designed investors, which are available for the Apple (AAPL) iPhone which can be downloaded for free. For example, Bloomberg has a great iPhone app which provides the latest financial news, stock info, and more. There is another free app called iThread which is a database of hundreds of technology companies, along with who invested in them, who they invested in, contact information, officers, and much more. Great for venture capitalists or those that are looking for venture capital. If you are an investor in real estate, you can check out the Trulia app, which finds homes for sale and open houses in your area. To access these applications, just click on the App Store icon, then the Search icon, type in 'Stock', and click Search. Yahoo (YHOO) has a nice app called Y! Finance and so does Forbes, TheStreet (TSCM), and Morningstar. I usually check the price of oil, natural gas, and gold with an app called BlackGold.

Free Trading Magazine

A free subscription to SFO Magazine is available, which covers stocks, futures, options, forex and ETF's. This magazine, which has been around for many years, is designed for the individual trader. By the way, SFO stands for Stocks, Futures, Options.

Free Investing E-Books

You can get 13 Free Stock Market E-Books, all in a pdf format which can be downloaded and read on your computer or printed out. These are provided by

You can also receive a free stock market book, offered by You can choose from one of three different investment ebooks.

Free Stock Market Games

A free stock market game, using a Virtual Stock Exchange, also known as a Stock Market Simulation or Fantasy Stock Market, which allows you to practice your trading for free, is available from A stock market simulator game is also available from

There is also a free stock market trading game at Wall Street Survivor.

Free Stock Screeners

There are plenty of free stock screeners out there, and if you have an online brokerage account, they probably have a screener on their site. There are several other sites that have free screeners available including Yahoo! Finance, (TSCM), and

Free Top Hedge Fund Info

Have you ever wondered what the top hedge funds and top mutual funds are investing in? Want to follow in their footsteps, piggyback on their stockholdings? You could spend many hours combing through SEC records to get this info, or you could do it the easy way, by going to, which has all that information at your fingertips for free.

Free Investment Spreadsheet Templates

There are several free investment related Excel spreadsheet templates available from, such as 'How Long to Become a Millionaire' and 'Stock Recovery Analysis'.

Free Stock Certificate Valuation

Have an old stock certificate from a company like Enron or WorldCom or maybe you just have an old stock or bond certificate that you inherited from your grandmother? Want to find out what it is worth as a collectible? Maybe you want to get rid of it for tax loss purposes, or just turn your trash into cash. You can get a free valuation of your old stock certificate as a collectible at

Free Sortable Stock Lists

One site that has dozens of free stock lists in an Excel format is The lists can be downloaded, updated, and sorted, and include such industries as Brazil stocks, Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Stocks, candy and chocolate stocks, casino stocks, china stocks, cloud computer stocks, lithium stocks, shipping stocks, and water purification and desalination stocks. There is also a free retirement analyzer spreadsheet template from the site.

Disclosure: Author owns AAPL and YHOO.


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