Monday, June 06, 2011

Homeowner Gets Foreclosed On Even Though He Didn't Have a Mortgage

I tried to shorten this title but couldn't. I even left a significant part of the story out. A couple in Naples Florida paid cash for their home, and never had a mortgage on their property. Yes, according to the report, Bank of America foreclosed on their home!!!

The couple had to hire an attorney to fight the foreclosure, then won, then asked for and won the right to recover attorney's fees. However, after numerous requests to the bank for reimbursement, and getting no response, the couple and their attorney decided to foreclose on the bank. They sent the sheriff to a local branch to confiscate cash from the teller's drawers, computers, and furniture to cover the legal fees. The bank finally relented and produced a check for all costs and attorney's fees.

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Robert F Rothgery said...

I would have love to see a video on this one. It is as funny as the LOLs who shut down a San Francisco BofA branch. They were brandishing their walkers.