Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Happened to All the Investing Blogs?

I thought I would spend a little time checking out what other investment blogs are saying. A friend who runs a stock trading blog provides a long list of recommended stock investing and trading blogs, a total of 58 different links. So I started going down the list, starting at the top, and was shocked at the number of links that brought me to pages that said 'blog not found', 'this domain name for sale', and 'server not found.'

Then there were at least a dozen investment blogs that were still 'active' (a very gross overstatement) that hadn't published a blog since 2009, 2008, and even 2007. A few said 'this is my last post' and 'this site is no longer maintained.' By far, the year with the most number of last posts were in the year 2008.

So out of the group of 58, only 18 are still surviving, with the remaining 69% out of business.
is happy to report that we have been publishing since February of 2006 and plans to continuing publication for many years.

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