Saturday, August 04, 2012

25% Discount on the Buying Dividends Book Autographed

Through a special arrangement with the printer and marketing arrangement with, you can now get a discount of almost 25% off on the book, Buying Dividends: High Returns From Capturing Dividends, with free shipping within the US. In addition, the book will be autographed.

Description: Finally, a way for income investors to increase their returns and reduce their exposure to the stock market through an investing technique called "buying dividends" also known as "capturing dividends." The book covers in simple terms the steps needed to utilize this trading strategy effectively, which can generate returns ranging from 20% to in excess of 100% on an annualized basis, far better than a buy-and-hold strategy.


"describes an alternative to the buy-and-hold approach for income investors; reducing your market exposure with the 'buying dividend' (aka 'dividend capture') method, providing step-by-step instructions along with several real live examples."
The Magazine of American Mensa

"a very concise and useful blueprint for any investor to follow by capturing high returns from buying dividends, then selling them at the optimum time.
...reduce the downside risk associated with potentially volatile stock prices since the "hold" time is relatively brief, whereas the returns are significant - upwards of 30% - 40% - to even 50% annualized returns. Best of all, this stuff isn't complicated to comprehend"
Larry Underwood - Author - Life Under the Corporate Microscope

There are less than 20 books available under this special offer, so order it now through the following link:

Buying Dividends: High Returns From Capturing Dividends

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