Friday, August 10, 2012

Celebrity Stock Indexes

The Celebrity Stock Index™ (also referred to as Celebrity Stock Indexes or Celebrity Stock Indices) was invented by about five years ago, with Paris Hilton as the first celebrity. Since then, numerous indexes have been develped for many celebrities, everyone from Angelina Jolie to Gisele Bunchen to Eva Longoria.

So what is a Celebrity Stock Index™? It is a compilation of the prices of selected stocks of companies that the celebrity is connected with in some way. For example, the celebrity may be a spokesperson for various companies included in the index. Or the company that produces a lot of the movies of an actor may be included in the index. The record label of a singer may be part of the stock index also.

So what celebrities have a Celebrity Stock Index™? Here they are:

Heidi Klum Stock Index

Eva Longoria Stock Index

Gisele Bunchen Stock Index

Angelina Jolie Stock Index

Jessica Alba Stock Index

Nicole Kidman Stock Index

Freida Pinto Stock Index

Beyoncé Stock Index

Lindsay Lohan Stock Index

Kate Middleton Stock Index

Charlie Sheen Stock Index

Taylor Swift Stock Index

Sofía Vergara Stock Index

Tiger Woods Stock Index

Britney Spears Stock Index

James Bond Stock Index

Paris Hilton Stock Index

Beatles Stock Index

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham Stock Index

No celebrity endorsement expressed or implied.

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