Friday, May 31, 2013

The Stock that Dropped from 680 to 10 Today, a 98% Drop

If you happen to look at the list of percentage losers on the Yahoo! Finance home page today, you will notice a stock at the top of the list that dropped 98.5% on the NYSEArca Exchange. It closed at 680 yesterday and closed at 10.04 today, a 669.96 drop, with a volume of 1000 shares for the day. It also ended with a bizarre bid and asked of 9.99 bid for 200 shares and 1360.00 asked for 300 shares. The stock ticker symbol for this stock is ZVV.

However, if you try to find out more about this company, you won't find much. As a matter of fact, you won't find anything under profile, statistics, or any other area.

So what the heck is this stock? It is actually a NYSEArca Test Symbol, used for testing Limit Up/ Limit Down (LULD) activation of Tier 1 symbols. Other unusual symbols you may see for testing purposes are IGZ, ZZK and ZZ.

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