Thursday, May 30, 2013

3-D Printers for Navy can Manufacture Drones and Weapons

3D printers can now print many objects. They can now print human cartilage and automobile bodies. Large scale 3D printers can even print houses. According to an article in the Armed Forces Journal, the Navy may use 3D printing to make drones and weapons.

One major player in the 3D printing industry is 3D Systems Corporation (DDD), with a market cap of $4.4 billion. This is just one of several 3D printing companies on the free list at 3D Systems is a Rock Hill, South Carolina based company, founded in 1986, which produces 3D printers and related products. The stock trades at 107 times current earnings and 37 times forward earnings. The company has $110 million in cash and $50 million in debt.

Another 3D hardware company is Stratasys (SSYS), which produces three-dimensional printers, rapid prototyping systems, and related consumable materials. This Minnesota based company was founded in 1989. Although the latest quarterly earnings were negative, revenues spiked by 116%. This company has the advantage of being debt free with $140 million in cash. This $3.4 billion market cap stock trades at 35 times forward earnings.

In regards to 3D software, Autodesk (ADSK) makes 3D software for many different industries, including entertainment, architecture, and manufacturing. The stock trades at 38 times trailing earnings and a forward price to earnings ratio of 16. The company has $746 million in debt, and has $2 billion dollars in the bank, amounting to 9.34 per share in cash.

For a free list of the companies involved in 3D printing, which can be downloaded, sorted, and updated, go to

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