Monday, September 09, 2013

How to Make 150% Profit on Your Money in 10 Days

How would you like to earn a return of 150% on your money in only ten business days, guaranteed by a United States bank? Seems like there is a catch but there really isn't. There are just a few restrictions.

Here's the deal. Get your Chase Total Checking account coupon code here. Then open a Chase checking account with $100 and submit the coupon when opening the account. The only additional requirement is that you have to have direct deposit set up within 60 days.

The one big restriction is that if you already have a Chase account, you aren't eligible. Plus, you can't close the account within six months. Also, the bonus is treated as taxable interest.

Don't waste time; the deal ends October 5.

Thanks to David Bakke at MoneyCrashers for finding this offer.

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