Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stocks that Own the Shortest Domain Names: One Letter Long

You may have recently seen my article, Stocks that Own the Highest Priced Domain Names, and wondered about some of the other interesting domain names. For example, there are very few one-letter domain names that are owned by companies, but generally the companies are stocks that the average investor can own.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority put a restriction on single character domains back on December 1, 1993, so if a corporation didn't own the name back then, it would have had to purchase it. Here is a list of one letter domain names and the stocks that own them. is owned by (AMZN) and are both owned by (OSTK). is owned by CenturyLink (CTL). If you go to, it takes you right to CenturyLink's web site. is owned by x.commerce, which is owned by eBay (EBAY). When you go to the website, it takes you to the x.commerce website. is owned by GoDaddy. is owned by YCO Group Plc, a luxury yacht company. The stock trades on the London Matched Markets Exchange. is owned by Nissan North America Inc., which is owned by Nissan Motor (NSANY), which trades on NASDAQ. However, the website is currently inactive. is owned by Future Media Architects, a privately held company. The company also owns,, and along with several other dot tv domain names. is owned by UTV Media (UTV.L), a broadcasting and New Media company based in Belfast in Northern Ireland. The company trades on the London Stock Exchange.

Is anyone aware of any others that I may have missed?

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Stockerblog said...

Just discovered another one: is owned by Google (GOOG)