Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beware of the Amazon Order Email Scam

If you get an email supposedly from Amazon, stating your order is on its way, and to open an attachment for more details, don't open the attachment unless you want a virus on your computer. The email didn't come from Amazon.

How can you tell if the email is a fake? Here is several ways:

1. The name of the sender is 'Order'

2. The email of the sender is

3. It is sent to you and 12 other people, all with emails similar to yours

4. It has an attachment in the form of a zip file

5. The subject is 'Your order EE6700142'

6. Order details in the message shows Order YA6108773, different number from the subject

7. No links to Amazon in the email

Even just one of the above should alert you that something is probably wrong. It may seem easy to spot but if you have placed a lot of Amazon orders recently (like me), and you received the email on the email that you normally use for Amazon ordering (like I did), and if you are in a rush to get through your emails (like I was) and you just want to see what product it was for (since it didn't state it in the email), you may just click without thinking (fortunately I didn't).

If you receive a similar email, take a close look at it and don't open any attachments if you have any suspicion at all.

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