Monday, December 02, 2013

Bitcoins Get a Thanksgiving Treat of $1,224 per Bitcoin

Bitcoins represent the electronic currency that you have been reading about so much in the press on a daily basis. Last week, I wrote an article called How to Invest in Bitcoins Without Owning Bitcoins, which has had thousands of viewers, even though it was a holiday week. At that time, bitcoins were selling for $824.

The current owners of bitcoins should give thanks for their Thanksgiving bonus of bitcoins trading on November 28 at $1,224 per bitcoin. Not too bad, considering that bitcoins were trading at around $200 each about a month ago.

According to MtGox, bitcoins traded as high as $1,242 on November 29 and up to $1,233 on Noember 30.

If you are looking for more information about bitcoins, or how you can invest in bitcoins without owning them directly, check out the following article:

If you want a free list of stocks that have some connection to bitcoins, go to, which includes information on when the company was founded, the PE ratio, the forward PE ratio, and other data. 

Bitcoin logo image courtesy of Wikipedia

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