Sunday, January 19, 2014

3D Systems and Hershey will make 3D Printed Foods

Here is an interesting partnership, a chocolate company and a 3D printing company.  3D Systems (DDD) and Hershey (HSY) are getting together to make 3D printed food and candy. It will be interesting to see if other chocolate and candy manufacturers jump on the bandwagon.

3D Printed Candy

As you are probably aware if you have been reading these articles regularly, all the companies that have some connection to 3D printing are available in a free downloadable list at There are now over two dozen companies on the list. You can also find a list of chocolate and candy stocks.

3D Systems

3D Systems Corporation (DDD) is one of the largest companies in the 3D printing arena, with a market cap of $9.3 billion. 3D Systems is a Rock Hill, South Carolina based company, founded in 1986, which produces 3D printers and related products. The stock trades at 196 times current earnings and 71 times forward earnings. Earnings for the latest quarter were up 30.6% on a 49.9% rise in revenues. The company has $345 million in cash and $18.8 million in debt.


Hershey Foods (HSY) is one of the largest chocolate and confectionery companies in the world, which is known for its Hershey Bars and Kisses. The stock sports a trailing price to earnings ratio of 29, and a forward P/E ratio of 24. The stock provide a decent yield of 2.0%. Latest reported quarterly earnings were reported up 31.8% on a 6.1% boost in revenues.The company reports again on January 30.

Chocolate & 3D Printing

If you would like a free list of the 3D printing companies, and a free list of the chocolate companies, go to And if you are aware of any others that are not on these lists, please post a comment with the name of the stock.

Disclosure: Author didn't own any of the above at the time the article was written.



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