Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Marijuana Stock Index Up 339% Last Year

Although marijuana is illegal in the United States from a federal standpoint, the use and dispensing of medical marijuana has been approved in many states, including Alaska, Arizona, California, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon. Now, the recreational use of marijuana is legal from a state standpoint in Colorado and Washington.  This has caused an immense surge in the share price of marijuana related stocks causing them to rise by 339% last year, based on the Marijuana Stock Index at, versus less than a tenth of that for the Standard & Poor's 500.

The Marijuana Stock Index tracks the prices of most marijuana related stocks from January 2013 to January 2014, but excludes those stocks without complete price data or trading for less than one cent per share. All stocks were weighted equally in the index.

Not every stock increased over the time frame, such as Medbox (MDBX), but most were up, and some very significantly, such as Advanced Cannabis Solutions (CANN), up 841%, and Cannabis Sativa (CBDS), up 1174%.

More details on the index and all the stocks in the marijuana stock index can be found at

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