Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is India the Leading BRIC Country? Top India Stocks

During the last six months, the iShares India 50 (INDY), which is an ETF that tracks the top 50 companies in India, was up 12.5%, outperforming the S & P 500, which was up only around 10% during the same time frame. It appears that India is starting to make its move, as the ETF has significantly underperformed the US markets during the last year and last two years.

India is one of the BRIC countries. BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and investors now believe that India may be the strongest of the four, especially since many believe that business in general will improve after the May elections. has turned up a list of over 15 Indian stocks which trade within the United States, with more than half of them paying dividends.

The second largest bank in India by market capitalization and assets is ICICI Bank    (IBN), which trades on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock trades at    12.9 time trailing earnings and     13.1 times forward earnings. The stock has a price earnings to growth ratio of    0.7. Earnings for the latest quarter were up an amazing 37.7% on a 2.6% rise in revenues. The stock pays a yield of    1.6%.

One of the largest IT companies in India is Infosys (INFY), a provider of technology, engineering, business consulting, and outsourcing services. This New York Stock Exchange company trades at    18.2 times trailing earnings and    16.1 times forward earnings, with a PEG ratio of     1.2. The company sports a yield of    1.1%.

For a free list of India based stocks that trade in the US, which has information such as the PE, the forward PE, the PEG, the yield, and the business, go to

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