Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over 70 Marijuana Stocks: New Ones Appearing Every Day

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Another day, another company claims to be involved in the marijuana business. And no wonder, since the Marijuana Stock Index is up by an amazing 390% during the first couple months of the year, whereas the S&P 500 was up by only 0.6%.

Marijuana Stocks Up 390% in Two Months

Unfortunately for the conservative investor, none of the recent additions to the Marijuana Stocks list would be considered blue chip stocks. Most are micro-cap stocks, penny stocks, and sub-penny stocks. A sub-penny stock is one which trades for less than one cent per share. Connections to the marijuana industry may be a stretch for many of these companies.

Some of the new companies added to the list include Advanced Content Services    (ADCS), with a market cap of 1.98 million, Minerco    (MINE), with a 13.43 million market cap, Next Gen    (NXTTF) at 3.5 million, Latteno Food    (LATF) at 14 million, Medifirst Solutions    (MFST)   at 1.8 million, and Vapor Group, which was formerly called AvWorks Aviation (SPLI)  at a market cap of   61.56 million.

Of course, many of the marijuana companies have been in the marijuana business for a while, such as Terra Tech   (TRTC), a manufacturer of growing equipment. The company has a market cap of 106 million.

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Another growing equipment company is  GrowLife Inc.    (PHOT) with a market cap of  429 million.

Tranzbyte Corporation    (ERBB)    which has a market cap of 214 million, produces the ZaZZZ medical marijuana dispensing machines.

A list of all the marijuana stocks, along with available financial data, and the connection to the marijuana industry, is available at As always, no recommendation is expressed or implied for any of the above mentioned stocks.

Disclosure: Author owns TRTC.


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