Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Up with Gold: Plus, the Largest Crystalline Gold Nugget in the World

The Crown Jewel Gold Nugget
A couple weeks ago, I was at the Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys, California, where they have a gold rush museum. One of the highlights of the museum is 'The Crown Jewel', also known as the Kautz Crystalline Gold nugget, the largest crystalline gold nugget in the world, a very rare form of gold. This nugget weighs 44 pounds. If you are ever in the California Gold Country, you should certainly check it out.

So what has been happening with gold lately? Not much if you look at the price of gold over the twelve months. The SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) have dropped 6.16% over the last year, whereas the S&P 500 is up about 15% over the same time frame.

If you are a contrarian and think that now be the time to acquire some gold, you may want to consider gold mining stocks, as there are almost two dozen that pay dividends, according to the free list of high yield gold and silver stocks at Almost ten of these stocks have yields in excess of 2%.

Barrick Gold (ABX) trades at 14 times future earnings, and pays a yield of 1.2%. The company, based in Ontario, Canada, has mines in North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

Newmont Mining (NEM) has mines in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, and Africa. It trades at 16.5 times forward earnings and pays a dividend rate of 0.4%, payable quarterly.

Silver Wheaton (SLW) pays a yield of 1.3%, payable quarterly.

For a free list of high yield gold and silver stocks go to

Disclosure: Author didn't own any of the above at the time the article was written.


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