Thursday, May 08, 2014

Traveling This Summer? How Travel Insurance Can Protect You

After reading my posts about the top stocks of various countries, such as Spain, Mexico, Italy, India, and Russia, you may have the desire to do some traveling to check out what's happening in those countries. But just like you need to plan ahead when you make your long term investment decision, you need to plan ahead with your vacations. And with summer arriving before you know it, the time to start is now. One of the important items that should be on your planning list is travel insurance.

So why should you consider travel insurance? Years ago, after a Chicago / Los Angeles flight, my luggage never showed up.  It took the airline a month to track it down (it turned out the it had been misdirected to Japan!). Then when I finally opened up my suitcase, a lot of items were missing, such as my shoes and my camera. If I had had travel insurance, it would have really helped out.

Luggage Reimbursement

So lets look at one of the primary benefits of travel insurance, luggage reimbursement. This coverage can provide reimbursement for lost, damaged or stolen luggage, and can even help out with replacing passports and prescriptions.

Trip Cancellation

But luggage is only one of many benefits of travel insurance. Trip cancellation is probably the most important from a financial standpoint. If you pay$5,000 or $10,000 to go on a nice vacation with non-refundable tickets and hotel stays, your losses could be substantial if there is a death in the family or you get severely ill. Or how about if you break your leg just before the trip or even lose your job. You should also check out 'Cancel For Any Reason' coverage.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Other benefits of this insurance include reimbursement for emergency medical expenses, even evacuation to a hospital. So you don't have to worry about your own insurance covering you while you are out of the country.


Unexpected and unplanned travel expenses due to delays are covered. If a hurricane keeps you from visiting your vacation spot, you will be reimbursed. And the list goes on an on.

Protect Yourself

So where to you go to when you want to get travel insurance? Travelex is one of the largest travel service companies in the world, offering everything from foreign exchange services to prepaid cards for travelers. You have probably seen the Travelex stores at all major airports that you have been in. The company, which was founded 38 years ago, also has a major travel insurance division.

You can compare Travel Insurance plans by this leader in travel protection, Travelex Insurance.The company offers a variety of plans for leisure travelers, and even special coverages for business travelers. Just remember, plan ahead, get your travel insurance, and Bon Voyage!

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