Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Stock that was Up 426% in 2014

One of the best performing stocks for 2014 was up 426%. This is a stock that I actually own; however, I own only one share.

It is an interesting story how I got the one share. Years ago, I worked as a stock broker and I was a member of a couple of stockbroker organizations, the Stockbroker's Society and and International Association of Stockbrokers. These organizations would put on luncheons at least once a month that would be sponsored by a publicly traded company with the president of the company giving a speech after the lunch. The luncheons were usually held at fancy hotels.

Often, the companies would give out gifts. I remember one tobacco company giving out a box of cigarette packs, one pack of each of the company's brands. Anyway, General Employment Enterprises (JOB) was the sponsor for one of the lunches.

When I walked in, I noticed that we had assigned seating for the first time ever. We had a great lunch, we had an interesting speech, and at the end of the speech, the president of the company said that he had a surprise for up. He told everyone to look under their chars, which we did.

Taped to the bottom of my seat was an envelope with my names on it. When I opened it, I discovered a General Employment Enterprises stock certificate issued to me for one share. Every attendee got one. It was an interesting marketing ploy to keep the company on the brokers' radar, as we received annual reports and quarterly reports. I still receive those reports after many, many years.

I wish I had rounded up my one share by buying 9,999 aditional shares at the beginning of 2014. It would have cost 20 cents a share or only $1,999.80. On December 31, I could have sold the shares for  $1.21 or $12,100.

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