Saturday, April 04, 2015

It's Amazing How Dirty Words Make It Into SEC Filings

From a TWC filing with the SEC
Many investors consider corporate filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission to be boring and dry. However, occasionally, something interesting pops up, like the 'F' word.

It appeared in a filing for Time Warner Cable (TWC) on Form 425, relating to a press headline.

It also appeared in a Form 424B3 filing for LendingClub (LC), from a customer's comments, with regard to the Member Payment Dependent Notes.

Even some of the smaller companies are not immune, such as Fantex (VNDSL), which was in a transcription of a radio interview.

The 'S' word actually shows up in 22 SEC filings. Several are related to Wells Fargo, but in that case, it is someone's name.


Anonymous said...

I can't find those words on the SEC Edgar search engine

Stockerblog said...

This is strange. I can't find them anymore either. Maybe, EDGAR either removed the forms or put in some type of search engine filter.

Stockerblog said...

Well I wasn't able to find them again with the EDGAR search engine but I was able to find one of the documents and posted a screenshot of it in the article.