Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Who is the Wealthiest Presidential Candidate?

Several politicians have announced their candidacy for president of the United States for the 2016 presidential election. There appears to be a lot of coverage in the press about income and wealth disparity in the US so it is interesting to review the approximate average estimated net worth and income of the current major presidential contenders. Here they are:

Net Worth Annual Income
Hillary Clinton (D) $13,130,504 $13,801,055
Ted Cruz (R) $2,549,518 $1,253,159
Rand Paul (R) $2,500,000 $300,000
Marco Rubio (R) ($594,995) $222,034

As you can see, Hillary Clinton is the wealthiest, in terms of both net worth and annual income, in excess of $13 million. Ted Cruz is in second place and Rand Paul is in third place. The poorest is Marco Rubio with surprisingly a negative net worth, and the lowest income of the group.

Much of this information came from a website called, which has a lot of research and calculations behind the numbers. It is an interesting and informative resource. 

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