Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 High Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 20%

Sometimes income investors like to do a little speculation. But instead of speculating by buying penny stocks or stock options, they purchase some extremely high yield stocks. By extremely high yield, these are stocks yielding over 10%, and some even pay more than 20%.

Stocks with yields this high are obviously risky, which is why they are selling at a price to generate such a high rate. Of course, there is the list that the dividend can be cut or eliminated entirely. So for investors willing to take the risk, here are five high dividend stocks yielding over 20%.

SandRidge Permian Trust (PER) receives oil and gas reserves from its reserves in the Texas Permian Basin. The stock pays an outrageously high yield of 36.9%, paying 64 cents on a quarterly basis. The company has been paying dividends since 2011. The trust has no debt and almost $5 million in cash.

Intersections (INTX) has been paying 20 cents each quarter steadily for the last eleven quarters, with one exception, when it paid a year-end dividend a couple years ago of 70 cents.   The company has four businesses: personal information services, insurance, pet health monitoring, and bail bonds industry solutions. The yield is a very high 22.9%.

Do you prefer to receive your dividends monthly? Then you may want to consider Cornerstone Progressive Return (CFP), a closed end equity fund which invests in income stocks, ETFs, and other closed end funds. The investment yields 20.9%.

Cornerstone Strategic Value (CLM) is another closed end fund of the same family. It pays 20.0%, and payouts are also made on a monthly basis.

CTC Media (CTCM) is a Russian company that owns television networks. The dividend has increased three times since March of 2012. The stock sports a yield of 20.8%.

If you decide to put any of these in your portfolio, make sure you understand the risks. But if the investments work out they may be the highest yielding ones you've ever owned.

Disclosure: Author didn't own any of the above at the time the article was written.



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Informative article for Income Investors in dividend stocks

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Just a note, CFP and CLM are merging.

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