Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poo Powered Vehicles and Other Alternative Energy Businesses

Forget electric cars. Here is a novel idea for powering vehicles, using cow manure for fuel. There is a bus in Great Britain called the "Bus Hound," which gets its biomethane fuel from cow poo. The bus can go an amazing 76 miles an hour, and it can be seen racing on a track in the video below.

If you think that's incredible, the British also have a bus running at the Bristol Airport that runs on human poop. On one tank, the bus can go over 180 miles.

Of course, there are more 'boring' types of alternative energy, such as solar. For example, the Tempe, Arizona based First Solar (FSLR) is the first solar panel company to reduce its manufacturing cost to $1 per watt. Instead of using conventional crystalline silicon technology, it utilizes s cadmium telluride  semiconductors.

First Solar trades at 25 times trailing earnings and 16 times forward earnings. The company has $247 million in debt but $1.48 billion in cash, amounting to $14.73 in cash per share. Revenues for the latest quarter dropped by over 50%. Is it time for a turnaround for this company?

Another 'boring' alternative energy is the fuel cell. Plug Power (PLUG) is one of the leaders in the fuel cell industry. The company carries $3 million in debt, but $131.5 million in cash. Although earnings were negative for the latest reported quarter,  revenues rose by 69% for the quarter year-over-year.

The alternative energy industry has suffered in recent years for a variety of reasons, however, a turnaround may be in the cards. Maybe one of these days, we will actually have a stock that produces poo powered vehicles. If you like stock lists like this, you should check out the many free stock lists at

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