Thursday, December 24, 2015

I Finally Gave In to Amazon

I finally did it. I gave in to Amazon (AMZN). No, I didn't buy the toy that sells for one quadrillion dollars on Amazon.

 However, I did finally buy the Amazon Prime service. I realized that I would spend a lot of time trying to find enough items to go over the $35 threshold in order to get the free shipping. Plus, with my holiday shopping, I had to have gifts sent directly to recipients which didn't make the threshold, and realized I was starting to spend a significant amount for the postage costs.

 So I realized that it was time for the Prime . Not only do I get free shipping, but I get free TWO DAY shipping. And I can even order an item for only one dollar, and still get free 2-day shipping!

In addition, I could watch The Man in the High Castle, which is a fascinating Amazon-exclusive video series. (I actually prefer the book, but the video series is still great.) Also, Amazon has thousands of other free movies and TV shows.

Last but not least, I get unlimited access to over a million songs and numerous playlists without any ads. Such a deal!

Anyway, I've put it off for years, and finally, after running the numbers, and realizing my stress level of worrying about gifts reaching their recipients within 5 to 8 days of their birthday or other occasion, I realized that Amazon Prime is the way to go, as I can be sure the delivery time is two days.

You should get Amazon Prime also. It's the time for Prime !

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